When John Keats wrote "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" Medical Tourism was unheard of. He would therefore have had no way of knowing that his now famous words would one day so aptly describe the endless beauty of South Africa: a country now synonymous with Medical Tourism, made popular by Cosmetic Surgery, and through which a little of South Africa's beauty manages to rub off on a large percentage of its medical tourists annually.

"And there's absolutely no reason why, with the right maintenance treatments, the beautiful results achieved at the hands of our brilliant South African surgeons won't continue to endure for far, far longer than our clients could possibly imagine", says Ingrid Lomas, CEO of Surgical Attractions, the South African Medical Tourism company that specialises in Cosmetic Surgery. "Post operative care, along with pre operative care and matching our clients to a highly qualified, registered surgeon most suited to their particular requirements is of prime importance to us".

Although their unquestionably high standard of surgeons and surgery is the main cause of South Africa's medical tourism growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years, it isn't the only reason medical tourists are flooding into the country.

They also come for all the other undeniably appealing South African attractions, like the spectacular climate, the huge diversity of beautiful recuperation and rejuvenation holiday destinations and of course, for the exceptional exchange rate, courtesy of the weak South African Rand when compared to most other currencies in the world. A situation that not only affords South Africa's medical tourists the opportunity to enjoy surgical procedures at a greatly reduced cost, as opposed to what is on offer in their own countries, but also allows them to partake of a fantastic and highly affordable holiday at the same time.

"Apart from the obvious advantages that the exchange rate offers our clients we feel we owe it to them to not only make sure they are provided with South Africa's leading surgeons, clinics, hospitals and medical technology but also a choice of the finest recuperation accommodation and rejuvenation holiday destinations at the best price", adds Lomas of Surgical Attractions.

And, in order to be in a position to offer their clients the most comprehensive Medical Tourism service in Southern Africa, Surgical Attractions has forged an association with both Rennies Inbound Travel South Africa and Africa Travel Centre UK.

"Rennies Travel has been taking care of overseas visitors for virtually as long as the first tourists showed an interest in our country, says Belinda Lamb, International Marketing Manager of Rennies Inbound. "That's why our association with Surgical Attractions is proving so exciting. It allows us to offer the same expertise and know how that we have perfected over the years to a whole new breed of tourist who leaves looking amazing after the benefits of surgery and a hassle free stay with us."

Quality tourist assistance 24/7, courtesy of Rennies Inbound, ensures total peace of mind for Surgical Attractions' clients. "And for those whose first language isn't English, we can even offer tour guides who do speak their language", adds Belinda.

Frances Geoghegan, Managing Director of Africa Travel Centre is equally enthusiastic regarding what the association offers Surgical Attractions' clients. "ATC is recognized as a tried and trusted tour operator with over 20 years experience in organising the most upmarket and cost efficient packaged tours to Southern Africa, 10 years of which have been in partnership with Rennies Inbound", says Frances. "The combination of Surgical Attractions, Rennies and ourselves is now proving to be an unrivalled force in South Africa's Medical Tourism, because together we offer clients from most parts of the globe, everything they could possibly hope for in surgery, recuperation, holiday and flight packages. Priced to best suit their individual pockets".

And what a feast of choice there is in Rejuvenation Holiday Accommodation. There's Wine and Golf Estates, Country and Coastal Retreats, Luxury Train Journeys and Bush Safaris, featuring the big five, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo along with the widest variety of bird life - species too numerous to mention.

But in preparation for a South African Rejuvenation Holiday of a lifetime, first there's the recuperation phase of one's 'Private Journey of Personal Renewal' to be enjoyed, not endured! Thanks to a choice of leading hotels and guest lodges in Johannesburg and Cape Town who go out of their way to pamper Surgical Attractions' clients.

Surgical Attractions also highly value the role of the beauty therapist in pre and post operative care and maintenance, encouraging their clients to arrive a couple of days early to acclimatise and prepare their bodies for surgery, and also to avail themselves of post operative beauty treatments to ensure a better rate of recovery.

"Practically all the luxury establishments where our clients are accommodated boast beauty salons of note and we are happy to arrange visits by highly qualified therapists to the smaller establishments' says Lomas. "All our clients are encouraged to visit a beauty salon regularly to help prolong the life of their wonderful new appearance on their return home - and those clients returning to the UK are urged to visit a BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) registered salon".

Another great draw-card when it comes to visiting South Africa for surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery, is the incognito factor. You can travel to these sunny shores, on the pretext of going 'on holiday', and return home a couple of weeks later looking like a millions dollars and extolling all the benefits of the country's many beautiful attractions without breathing a word about your little flirtation with surgery!

These fibs have of course resulted in many visitors arriving in the country assuming that they too will be able to soak up a few weeks of South African sunshine and return home looking ten years younger! However, the truth of the matter is, although everyone stands to look great after a holiday in South Africa, you're bound to look just that little more wonderful, and a lot younger, if you avail yourself of the undisputed skills of South Africa's leading surgeons. And, what's more, provided you look after your new appearance, as the sentiment in Keats' poem suggests, your beauty like the beauty of South Africa will be a joy forever.