Star's photo1. CALF IMPLANTS

Calf implants are done under general anaesthetic with an overnight hospital stay and a recuperation period of between 10 and 14 days. The procedure, which takes just an hour to perform, is ideal for men who have matchstick or knock-knee legs. Calf implants will be inserted, via a tiny incision behind the knee, into a convenient ‘Medical Compartment’, located directly above the appropriate muscle in the calf. You will be discharged from hospital the following morning. Due to the insertion of the prosthesis, your calves will feel very tight initially and a certain amount of discomfort and difficulty might be experienced while walking during the first week following surgery. If you feel the need to wear shoes during the recuperative period, it is suggested that shoes with only slight heels be worn, in order to ease the discomfort.
Cost: Between R 21 000 and R 70 000.


Nose surgery is done under general anaesthetic, with an overnight hospital stay and a recuperation period of seven to 10 days. It’s often the only option for men who’ve been dealt a bad hand in the snout department. Incisions are made within the nostril area of the nose. The outer skin is then pulled back to reveal the skeleton of the nose, which is made up of bone and cartilage. The bone and cartilage are then reshaped and modified. The remaining skin and soft tissue are draped over the newly formed skeleton to complete the desired new architecture and look of your nose. In order to hold the new nose in place, a splint is generally worn for up to two weeks following surgery. Noticeable bruising, swelling and discolouration of the eyes, nose and cheeks must be expected for a few days following this procedure.
Cost: Between R 18 000 and R 25 000.


This procedure, which takes about an hour to perform under local anaesthetic, is growing in popularity overseas but hasn’t really taken off in South Africa. It can transform a muscle-less abdomin into a rack that would make Vin Diesel proud. Several small incisions are made in the belly button or in natural creases of the abdomen. The surgeon uses a hollow tube-like instrument to remove excess fat and skin. It is a delicate procedure, which includes sculpting grooves into the fat layers to emphasise a muscular appearance. A different instrument may be used to perform liposuction and to perform the muscle-definition sculpting. Most patients return home within hours after surgery. Pain, swelling, and bruising may occur but can be treated with medication.
Cost: R 21 000 to R 70 000, excluding the cost of liposuction.


Liposuction is done under general anaesthetic with a hospital stay of one night and a recuperation period of 10 days. Aside form vigourous gym workouts, it may be the only solution to dump your lumps and rid yourself of those unwanted love handles and that spare tyre that took years of beer drinking to mould. Normally, the unwanted body fat is vacuumed from the body by means of a tube connected to a high pressure suctioning unit. The tube is inserted into the body through various incisions made in the area to be treated and guided through the suctioning process by your surgeon’s experienced hands. In order to help perfect the final result, you will be expected to wear a pressure garment for about six weeks following surgery. There will be swelling and bruising following this procedure and while the swelling usually dissipates quite rapidly, the bruising can last longer. Dressings (if any) will be changed and finally removed according to your particular response to the procedure and stitches are generally removed within 10 to 12 days following surgery.
Cost: Between R 12 000 and R 30 000, depending on the area to be covered.


Hair transplants are done under local anaesthetic with a recuperation time of between seven and 10 days. No matter what women keep telling you, a man with an ostrich-egg smooth head is not attractive! Men who are balding from either a hereditary cause or as a result of injury or illness are good candidates for this procedure. A strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the back or sides of the patient’s head and the area is then stitched closed. A number of very tiny incisions are made in the bald area of the scalp and the hair grafts transplanted. The length of the procedure depends on the size of the area to be covered; however, it usually takes between two to five hours. The only real discomfort is the initial localised injection in the scalp. Some patients experience swelling in the forehead area and around the eyes after the procedure, which soon settles.
Cost: Between R 24 000 and R 26 000

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