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Joanna's photo1Student and part-time dancer Joanna Scaife travelled to Johannesburg for her breast augmentation in April this year.

"I've been dreaming of breast surgery since I was 14. All the busty girls attracted the boys but with an A-cup I just looked flat and childlike. Every night I prayed that my boobs would grow, but I reached 34B at 16 and that was it.

I hated my figure so much that it was simpler to be a tomboy.

But by my 18th birthday I'd had enough of not being girly and glam, so I started hitting the gym, having my hair done regularly and keeping my fake tan topped up. My confidence shot up when I met my IT consultant boyfriend John, but deep down I still really wanted surgery.

Everything changed on Valentine's Day this year. John and I were on a holiday in Italy and getting ready for a night on the town. I was fiddling around with the top of my dress, desperately wishing I filled it out better, when John suddenly said: 'If you want to have your breasts done, I can pay.' Of course I said yes, I had no doubts at all.

I was desperate to get home and get on with it, but when I researched the prices on the internet I was shocked by the cost. Then I found www.surgicalattractions.com which offered the op in South Africa for GBP3 600. It was still a lot, but John took a GBP 3,000 loan and I found the rest from my student loan.

There was a two-month wait before I could go on the trip and when I told my dad that I'd booked it, he looked at me sternly and said: 'I think you're making a big mistake." That was really upsetting I was in tears, but John's reassurance and my own determination got me on that plane. But as the plane took off , it suddenly hit me - I was going to a faraway country alone. It was the worst flight of my life.

Joanna's photo2When we touched down in Johannesburg I was still a bundle of nerves. The surgery was the next day and I slept badly because of the worry but everything went OK. I hadn't expected post operative pain, so that was a bit of a shock. I didn't move the top half of my body for a day and got spoon-fed by the nurses. But when I saw my new 36D breasts I knew it was worth it. My Boobs looked fantastic.

For a week I lazed by the pool to recover and dreamed about my boyfriend's reaction. I missed John so much and I couldn't wait to show him what good value he'd got for his money! On my last day I went shopping and bought some gorgeous black lingerie. I tried it on in front of the mirror and there was a different woman looking back at me.

When I got home and John saw my breasts for the first time, his face broke into a grin. He was giggling like a little boy - he loves the new me. Our sex life is incredible and I can't wait to wear my first bikini. It's amazing what a new pair of boobs can do!